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2018 CARA CASINO ...... !! We still need 24 people !!!

  • 20 Dec 2017 12:39 PM
    Message # 5644340
    Dave Cason (Administrator)

    Hi Folks,

    We're going to be sending in the Casino stuff here to Alberta Gaming in the next while but we're still short of volunteers for the Casino next March.

    Unfortunately, we need to get ALL the volunteers signed up BEFORE  we send it in, so if you have a spare evening or two can you help?  

    Right now as of today Dec 20 - we still need 24 people to help out!  

    Also, if you've never done a casino before, don't worry - it's easy!  It involves sitting around, swapping stories, telling lies, and munching out on snacks, and eating free food !! (grin)  

    Oh yea and sometimes you have to give people money for their chips, or go count a pile of cash in the count room, or play banker, or run chips around, depending on what you want to do.  Again it's really fun and easy to do and we provide all the training you need for the whole 10 minutes it takes to learn how to do the role  ....  it really is that easy and it's fun.

    Best of all it's how we raise the majority of our club funds to build and create projects that you want to do !!  The funding helps keep our membership rates down and helps us with things like:  building a world class station and our great repeater network and the loaner radios and equipment and everything!! 

    So please .... if you have a spare day or evening for 8 hours THE CLUB NEEDS YOUR HELP!  

    Plus you get one heck of great meal  - that's why we pick Calgary Cash for our events - they have the best munchies.  If you have any questions or are unsure if a casino is for you - give me a call.  I do them for 3 different groups and have been for years and every one is always fun and easy. 

    Dave Cason

    403 282 2186

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