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Someone asked so here you go !!! CASINO ROLES

  • 20 Dec 2017 2:55 PM
    Message # 5644486
    Dave Cason (Administrator)

    Here's what each role does ...... apart from snack and chat ! 

    BANKER  (helps if they’ve done a casino before )

    • Controls Cashiers Cage floats of chips and cash.
    • Assisted by Independent Cash Cage Advisor.
    • Responsible for all documentation of all cash and chip transfers.
    • Must be able to operate the Casino Track computer system.
    • Training will be provided by the advisor during the casino event.

    CASHIER  ( deal with customers – change chips to cash )

    • Cashier maintains their own float.
    • Cashes in chips for players and makes change.
    • This position not recommended for color-blind volunteers.

    CHIP RUNNER  (easy )

    - Chip Runners are responsible for chip orders (requests) to and from casino games.

    - Must be prepared to move around and carry chips in the delivery racks (up to five Pounds/2 kilograms).  Chips are always transferred in the presence of a Security Guard.

    * All chips are tracked by the Casino Track system. Chip Runners will be Expected to operate a hand held computer used in tracking all chip transactions,  ie: fills, credits, openers, closers, etc.

    COUNT ROOM STAFF  (very easy)

    • Sorters, counters, recorders and amalgamators count the cash from Drop boxes collected from the table games.
    • At least one volunteer should have cash handling skills.
    • Volunteers must be adept with their hands.
    • Recorder assists the Count Room Supervisor recording information into the Casino Track computer system.



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