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Nearly there - One day is filled and - 3 more needed

  • 11 Feb 2018 7:31 PM
    Message # 5732414
    Dave Cason (Administrator)

    Hi Folks,

    OK, so we're almost there - FRIDAY March 9 is now filled and we have all the positions filled up with volunteers and we're good to go for that night.  (the second night of the casino)   

    Now we need 1 more person for THURSDAY - MARCH 8 from 6:45 PM at night to Close as a Chip Runner with Stephane and 1 more person for the count room with the gang from 11:00 PM to Close.

    They don't have to be members and its some of the easiest jobs there so if you know of any people interested please let them and me know ASAP!

    We also need 1 person to be on call both nights as a spare - JUST IN CASE !  (Insert a dramatic chord here .....)

    Day 1       MORNING SHIFT        THURSDAY - Mar 8       11:00 AM - 7:30 PM       

    General Manager:               Dave Cason

    Banker:                                 Dave Wick  

    Cashier 1:                             Patricia Heard 

    Cashier 2:                             Stan Heard      

    Chip Runner 1:                    Jack Whiteside 

    Chip Runner 2:                    Wilson Loree     

    Day 1             EVENING SHIFT        THURSDAY  - Mar 8        6:45 PM - CLOSE

    General Manager:               Dave Cason     

    Banker:                                 Ian Drummond      

    Cashier 1:                             Don Lloyd               

    Cashier 2:                             Pat Spencer           

    Chip Runner 1:                    Stephane Raimbault 

    Chip Runner 2:                          _1_                                                                 

    Day 1     EVENING COUNT        THURSDAY  -   Mar 8          11:00 PM - CLOSE

    Count Room Super:             Dale Olson        

    Count Room:                      Mike Ross      

    Count Room:                      Colleen Olson      

    Count Room:                      Ken Oelke     

    Count Room:                      Linda-Lou Oelke    

    Count Room:                       Frank Jones       

    Count Room:                             _2_

    On call Spare: _____ 3  ___________

      ALL POSITIONS FILLED   !!!    Thank  You !!!!!

    Day 2             MORNING SHIFT      11:00 AM - 7:30 PM

    General Manager:              Dave Cason

    Banker:                                Dave Wick   

    Cashier 1:                            Jim Weisert    

    Cashier 2:                            Rob Wilson   

    Chip Runner 1:                   Wilson Loree  

    Chip Runner 2:                   Blair Becker      

    Day 2             EVENING SHIFT                 6:45 PM - CLOSE

    General Manager:              Dave Cason            

    Banker:                                Ian Drummond   

    Cashier 1:                            Don Lloyd            

    Cashier 2:                            Ken Smith           

    Chip Runner 1:                   Bobbi Jo Johnson  

    Chip Runner 2:                   Bryan Houlihan      

    Day 2             EVENING COUNT              11:00 PM - CLOSE

    Count Room Super:           Dale Olson                           

    Count Room:                      Mike Ross       

    Count Room:                     Colleen Olson     

    Count Room:                       Ken Oelke            

    Count Room:                       Linda-Lou Oelke    

    Count Room:                       Shauna Pittman   

    Count Room:                       Frank Jones         


    Thanks to all who have volunteered so far !


    Dave Cason

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