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Rocky Mountain Rally 2018

  • 23 May 2018 7:18 AM
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    Updated Maps

    Here are the updated map files for RMR 2018. There are some significant changes from the previous version I posted, so you likely want to be using these ones on rally day.



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 23 May 2018 12:54 AM
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    Radio Configuration Guide

    Here is a link to the current version of the Radio Configuration Guide for RMR 2018. This guide should provide all the information you need for access to repeaters, simplex channels, 70cm cross band frequencies, and recommendations for FRS channels.

    As noted in my previous post, there will be some Ham operators who will need to relay for FRS operators. However, we won't likely need to use FRS in every instance where the Rallymaster felt it was an acceptable alternative. I've left the FRS references in the documentation, though, just in case we have to make some last minute changes.

    As usual, please be sure to check back here for any updates that may be posted before rally day.



    Garry, VE6GDS 

  • 23 May 2018 12:26 AM
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    Assignments List

    Here it is - the list of radio operator assignments! Have a look and let me know if anything seems incorrect or if you need to have a change made.

    Note that operators on the Day 1 Alpha to Delta (Blocker 12) leg will be moving to the Delta (Blocker 12) to Charlie / Echo leg part way through the day. This movement will be guided, so we'll be able to make it work - just like at Kananaskis.

    Some positions also mention use of FRS. This doesn't mean you have to use FRS if you're not responsible for the relay of an FRS operator. I've just left some of the notes in place so that we can adapt to any situations that may develop on rally day. However, some Hams will be the relay for unlicensed FRS operators. So, check to see if you are a designated relay, and if you need to borrow an FRS radio, please let me know as soon as possible.

    If you have concerns, let me know: <mycallsign> at



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 20 May 2018 3:50 PM
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    Hey, Crew!

    I'm working on the duty roster, and as we all know by now, we're short on licensed radio operators. So, we'll be filling in with unlicensed folks using FRS/GMRS radios and relaying traffic to/from the main net. That means we need all our licensed operators to bring FRS/GMRS radios to keep in touch with the unlicensed operators.

    If you don't have and can't bring an FRS/GRMS radio, please send me a note so that I know ahead of time. We'll see about equipping you with some on-loan units. However, it's worth having a set of these around. If you're looking for something to get for your go-kit, a set of FRS/GMRS radios is a good add.

    Also, if you have small receivers or scanners that you wouldn't mind lending to an FRS/GMRS operator, it would be great to bring such devices along. The unlicensed operators might like to be able to monitor the main channel(s) and hear the action.



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 17 May 2018 11:11 PM
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    I just came back from an organizing meeting and have a few updates to share with everyone.

    The Rallymaster did some reconnaissance on the course and found that a few of the roads have been damaged by runoff from the heavy snowfall this past winter (remember the Cochrane Winter Rally back in March?). So, there are changes being made to maintain safety.

    The Shakedown event on Friday evening has been cancelled. This is too bad and we'll have to hope for a chance to do that at another rally.

    The maps are going to need changes as well. I'll be updating them and getting things posted as soon as possible. Be sure to get the latest versions of the maps before rally day, as the changes are quite significant in places.

    We're still short on Field Radio Operators, so some of us will be moving around during the Saturday. We've done this before (Kananaskis Rally 2017) so I'm confident that we can pull it off.

    Because we're short on radio operators, we'll likely have some unlicensed operators using FRS/GMRS radios and they'll need to be relayed to Rally Net Control by licensed operators. So, please bring your FRS/GMRS radios to the rally. While the CSCC has a few spares, we'll need many of them for the unlicensed folks.

    The Rallymaster has also asked if there are a few radio operators who will be in Invermere on the Friday. We'll need some help with communications and safety for recce. For those who are less experienced with rally events, recce (rally slang for reconnaissance) is an opportunity for the rally drivers to go through the course and see the roads that they will be racing on over the next couple of days. Let me know if you're planning to be in Invermere on the Friday (25 May) and would be interested in helping with this.

    There is a brief briefing for radio operators planned for the Saturday morning at 07:30hrs at Copper Point. This is intended to be much shorter than our typical training presentations have been. We'll only be reviewing a few key matters that are specific to this particular event and skipping most of the generic material, since most of our operators have heard it many times before. For those who are less experienced at rally events and would like more information and training, the organizing team is considering hosting a more in-depth training session on the Friday evening after supper. Let me know if you're interested in attending such a training session.

    I was also thinking that perhaps the radio operators might like to get together for supper on the Friday evening at Peppi's Italian Fuel (1018 8Ave, Invermere). This restaurant is near the bustling (or quiet) downtown core of Invermere and has a good view of the mountain tops Southeast of town. Oh, and it's great pizza, too! If you're interested in this, let me know and I'll put a plan together.



    Garry, VE6GDS

    Email: <mycallsign> at


  • 16 May 2018 11:07 PM
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    Hello everyone! The rally is coming up soon, so I hope that you have your accommodations arranged. I see that the CSCC Volunteer Coordinator (Cassandra) has sent out an email with details concerning shared rooms at the Copper Point Resort. If you were expecting to have a bed at Copper Point and have not heard from Cassandra, then I recommend that you get in contact with her to make appropriate arrangements.

    Cassandra can be contacted at:

    If you'd rather have a room to yourself, and are prepared to cover the cost yourself, then let Cassandra know and there may be some discounts available on unshared rooms.

    Additionally, some of us stay elsewhere in Invermere, again at our own cost. One place I enjoy is the Canterbury Inn, in downtown Invermere. It's not as fancy as Copper Point, but if you get a ground floor room it makes things easier to get equipment between your vehicle and the room. At that spot, you're a five minute walk from the rally Service location, and right across the street from the best pizza in the region!



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 13 May 2018 10:44 PM
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    Joining CARA

    I have had some inquiries about how to join CARA, as the club is only authorized to subsidize travel for its own members. Here is some information on this topic.

    The easiest way in which to submit a membership application is online. The application can be found at:

    This application form seems to be globally visible, so anyone should be able to access it with a current Web browser.

    As for disbursement of the funds, I do not make the rules and have no authority to grant an exception to the rules. I'm just getting the word out so that everyone knows what the rules are. If you believe the rules are unfair, then please take that matter offline and discuss it with the appropriate office. Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this request.



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 12 May 2018 9:45 AM
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    Event Reminder

    Hello again to all Rally Radio Operators!

    This is a reminder to everyone who is planning to come out to the 2018 Rocky Mountain Rally (RMR).  We need all our operators to register on the Rallywest website so that we have your contact information, accomodation needs, and preferred assignment. About ten more radio operators are needed to ensure safety for the rally.

    Thank you to those who have already signed up. If you're still on the fence about this event, know that this is one of the premiere field operation opportunities of our year.  Don't miss out!

    Given the recent hikes in gasoline prices, there is good news: A fuel subsidy has been approved by the CARA (Calgary Amateur Radio Association) executive and the AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liauor Commission). Up to $100.00 in fuel reimbursement is available to the first 24 CARA members who register as radio operators for the RMR. If you're not a CARA member yet, then consider becoming one and you can be eligible to request this allowance.

    If you don't have a 2m mobile rig and need to borrow equipment, there are temporary installation kits available from CARA and CSCC (Calgary Sports Car Club). Please indicate on your registration comments if you need to borrow equipment for the rally.

    The CSCC has made arrangements to provide shared accommodations for volunteers at the Copper Point Resort. This is the headquarters for the event and is a very well appointed place to stay in the region. You can check the RMR website to obtain further details:

    This year's RMR is scheduled for Friday, 25 May to Sunday, 27 May in beautiful Invermere, BC. This year's events are planned to include the following:

    (1) Friday evening: Shakedown NorthWest of Radium. This is a new feature of the event and we'll need a half dozen or so operators to support it.

    (2) Saturday (all day): This is the main day of racing West of Radium. We'll need more operators to ensure that everything runs safely on this day of the event. A (brief) pre-op briefing is scheduled for the Saturday morning, likely around 07:30hrs.

    (3) Sunday (half day): The final stages are held West of Fairmont Hot Springs.

    When you register, be sure to indicate if you are available for part or all of the weekend.

    In depth information about the rally and instructions for registration are available on the CARA website forum:

    For anyone wanting to go directly to the Rallywest website and sign up, here is the link to the registration page:

    Please check the CARA forum regularly. A preparation guide is available there now and preliminary maps have also been provided. Additional information and updates will be posted there regularly as the event approaches:

    You can also reach me with questions or concerns: <my callsign> (at)

    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 10 May 2018 8:58 AM
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    Printable Maps 

    Here is a link to some printable RMR 2018 maps for those who do not have a GPS or APRS software.

    I still strongly recommend that operators bring a GPS, or have similar software configured on their phones, tablets, or another portable device. It's easy to get turned around when you're out on those mountain roads, and a GPS or similar device makes finding your way much easier. The .kml, .kmz, and .gpx files posted earlier have the waypoints, routes, and destinations that you'll need, and should load into most GPS units and many APRS programs.



    Garry (VE6GDS)


  • 04 May 2018 2:19 PM
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    Keep those registrations coming!

    We still need about a dozen more radio operators for RMR 2018!

    I spoke with an Invermere resident this week, and I understand that the weather has been warm and inviting there. Now is your chance to sign up and request a prime spot to enjoy the thrills of auto racing while exercising your skills at portable radio operations.

    Detailed instructions for the registration process were posted earlier in this forum, so I won't repeat them here.  Scroll down to the entry entitled "Registration Available" and you'll find everything you need to get started.

    I hope to see your registration soon!



    Garry, VE6GDS


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