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My dead Yeasu 857D ..... ?

  • 27 Jul 2017 6:27 PM
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    Dave Cason (Administrator)

    Hi Gang,

    So I moved the Yeasu from the house to the truck for a trip as usual a week ago.

    This time, I bought a new YSK-857 Kit at GPS Cent. hooked it up and couldn't get the radio to show any MOD or SWR or POWER, ETC when I keyed the mic after I hooked everything up.

    It's now back in the house and effectively dead ....?  

    I've been doing some playing and if I use the YT-100 to tune the radio like I usually do.  It shows output on everything: POWER, ALC, MOD, ETC.  Odd huh?  It's like the mic is dead but can trigger the Tx. but there is no audio.

    Part 2, I also hooked up the radio to its Signalink and PC and tried PSK31 and again, when I send a call on 14.070 it again shows signal on everything !

    So, I'm stumped, if anyone has any suggestions - feel free to offer them up and yes, I did factory reset the radio and still no joy.

    Does anyone have an 857D we can try my mic in and visa versa?  I'll come to your location and even buy lunch for the help!



  • 27 Jul 2017 7:39 PM
    Reply # 4998954 on 4998855
    Deleted user

    Seems rather unusual that it was working for you and now (suddenly), it's not. But, I would initially suspect the original handmike cable might have developed a break in the cable. But you can do a test:

    First we'll assume that you DID have the (mic) cable plugged in with the connector solidly in the radio (also check the other end that plugs into the microphone to make sure it's fully seated -- unplug and replug if necessary).

    Test the mic with it's original cable only plugged into the radio (don't use the extension that came with your YSK kit). Does it work?

    If not, then remove the stock cable from the mic and try using the extension cable only that came with your can use it in place of the original handmike cable directly from the mic to the radio (or you could just use a typical computer CAT5/CAT6 straight thru cable too). Did this work? 

    If not, then yes you might have a problem with either the microphone or the RJ45 socket in the radio.....I agree having access to another microphone would be very helpful for a quick test...... however at least you have something you can check with the equipment you already have.

    Tino, VE6MB

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  • 28 Jul 2017 6:55 PM
    Reply # 5000820 on 4998855


    I have an MH-31 mike that I use on my FT817. It was working just fine two days ago on the top of Hailstone Butte.

    I live in the NW. Text me on 403-466-2574 if you still want to try a mike swap.


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