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Unless otherwise noted all repeaters are currently operational

Receive Transmit Offset Mode Call Sign CTCSS Tone Notes/Status/Location
53.030 52.030 -1MHz FM VE6RYC 110.9 ENC On Nose Hill with the 2 Meter, 220MHz and 70 cm repeaters.
146.715 146.115 -600kHz FM VE6RCB 110.9 ENC Carbon, 75 km north-east of Calgary, 35 km west of Drumheller. This repeater is linked with VE6RYC (146.850-) on Nose Hill.
146.760 146.160 -600kHz FM VE6NOV 110.9 ENC Calgary, Rockview Hospital, in the south-west of town. Currently not at Rockeyview and is only periodically available at VE6MX's QTH. Will be back in opertation soon with 110.9 tone. Limited operation.
146.850 146.250 -600kHz FM VE6RYC 110.9 ENC/DEC Calgary. The club's primary repeater. NO AUTOPATCH available!
Located on Nose Hill Park in the north centre of town. Has excellent long range coverage, covering as far west as the Banff Park gates, east to Strathmore, south to Nanton, north past Airdre. It doesn't do so well to the north and northwest due to shadowing by Nose Hill.
It has a 110.9 Hz tone on both the input and output. You need this tone to access the repeater.
147.060 146.460 -600kHz FM VE6AUY 110.9 ENC Wildcat Hills, 30 km west of Calgary on Highway 1. Good coverage on Highway 1 from Calgary west into the mountains. (Note: Auto offset will give this frequency a "+".) Operational.
147.120 147.720 +600kHz FM VE6AQA 110.9 ENC Fortress Mountain, Kananaskis Country. Covers Highway 40 (about 60 km west of Calgary) from Highway 1 south about 60 km down to Highwood Pass. Many public events take place along Hwy 40, and this repeater is used by CARA to provide the control and safety communications. Other than that, it isn't used a lot. We hope to link it in to VE6RYC in Calgary to make it more useful in case of emergencies. The repeater is on top of the mountain at the Fortress ski resort.
147.180 147.780 +600kHz FM VE6REC
Calgary, west side. Good coverage in the central, western and south-central areas.
147.210 147.810 +600kHz FM VE6RPC 110.9 ENC Calgary, south end. Good coverage in the south end of town. Primarily used as IRLP node #1622.
147.270 147.870 +600 kHz FM VE6RY
Calgary, S.A.I.T, in the north-west of town. Primarily used for autopatches. (9 plus phone number plus * to call, # to hang up.)
147.330 147.930 +600 kHz FM VE6HWY 110.9 ENC Protection Mountain. Covers Highways 1, 1A, and 93 in the Lake Louise area. Installed on the top of Protection Mountain, it is serviced by helicopter. At 10,000 feet on a mountain top, it sometimes gets covered in snow in the winter. APRS active with limited range.  VOICE repeater is off the air.  Reactivation is pending.
147.360 147.960 +600 kHz FM VE6RMT 110.9 ENC Canmore, just west of Canmore on Harvie Heights, 80 km west of Calgary. Covers as far west as Banff.
224.850 223.250 -1.6 MHz FM VE6RYC 110.9 ENC/DEC Located at the same place the 2 meter repeater (On Nose Hill).
444.000 449.000 +5 MHz FM VE6RYC 110.9 ENC Located at the same place the 2 meter repeater (on Nose Hill). This repeater is linked with VE6RYC (146.850-) on Nose Hill.
444.350 449.350 +5 MHz FM VE6EHX 110.9 ENC Calgary downtown, Petro Canada building. Excellent for downtown where intermodulation is a problem. Probably one of the most active UHF repeaters in the area.
444.400 449.400 +5 MHz FM VE6NOV 110.9 ENC Calgary, Rockview Hospital, in the south-west of town. Off the air temporarily. Check back often as it will be operational very soon.
444.575 449.575 +5 MHz FM VE6RY 110.9 ENC Calgary S.A.I.T. in the northwest of town. Primarily used for IRLP to node IRLP at this time


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