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CARA is dedicated to the HAM community of Calgary with the support of multiple repeaters in and around the Calgary area and our club station VE6AO, a premier contesting and DX station.

If your are in to sailing the high seas or off roading in the middle of no where, HAM radio could help be your link to the world.  Sailors can use Amateur radio from the middle of the ocean to contact the main land and help keep others informed of their progress.  If you find your self in trouble, Amateur radio can be another link to get help using HF (High Frequency) radio.  Those off roading in the middle of no where can use VHF/UHF to call others to let them know your status.

Members of CARA take part in many public service events every year. Events like the Great Canadian Cookie Race and Calgary Winter Car Rally. For a complete list of events and whom to contact to help out go to our public service page.

Are you interested in becoming a Ham Radio Operator? CARA holds classes twice a year. Go to the education page for more information.

Our Mailing address is:

Calgary Amateur Radio Association
PO Box 30423 CHINOOK
Calgary, Alberta
T2H 2W1



Upcoming events

26 May 2015 8:00 PM • the Calgary Sports Car Club
31 May 2015 12:00 PM • Golden Eagle Picnic Area, North Glenmore Park
02 Jun 2015 • 1 PM on VE6RYC
03 Jun 2015 10:30 AM • ( Car pool from 425 St Georges Dr NE )
03 Jun 2015 7:30 PM • Calgary Sports Car Club 4215 80th Ave NE
13 Jun 2015 12:00 PM • 50 Megs and UP
20 Jun 2015 5:00 AM (MDT) • Longview, AB; Hwy 541; Hwy 40; Kananaskis Valley, Nakiska Resort

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