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All positions are filled !! Need On-Call Spares now .....

  • 24 Feb 2018 6:42 PM
    Message # 5875967
    Dave Cason (Administrator)

    Hi Folks .....

    OK, so we're all set !   All the positions we now need have been filled for this years upcoming Casino in now less than two weeks away ..... someone from the Sports Car club volunteered to help us so that's pretty cool!   


    However we do need one or two more people to volunteer just to be on call in case someone gets sick or something!  Chances are you won't do anything at all but just in case, right!? 

    So I'm look for ideally 1-2 more people to step up and give me their names and phone numbers just so i can call you if someone can't make it .....

    So anyone, anyone hello, Buller?!



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