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Eggbeater Antennas & Mast-Mount Preamps

  • 06 Aug 2017 9:32 PM
    Message # 5015817

    SSB Electronics SP-200 & SP-70 Mast-Mounted preamplifiers          $275 each, or $525 for both ($359 USD new, about $535 Cdn each all-in) Ultra low noise figure, RF-sensed operation up to 100 W, high power capability up to 750 W with DCW2004B sequencer, adjustable gain 10 - 20 dB, as well voltage feed via the coax cable or via a separate feed. About two years old but hardly used, thus the desire to sell.

    M2 EB-144 & EB-432 Eggbeater Satellite Antennas              $350 for both     ($588 USD new - about $910 Cdn all-in) Eggbeater satellite antennas for 144 & 432 MHz. Includes the reflector kits for better upwards pattern, and a home-brew cross-boom mount. Horizontal polarity at the horizon, right hand circular upwards. Used but in very good condition. 5 foot cross-boom can be left out if shipped long distance to reduce cost.

    Price may be reduced if the antennas and preamps are purchased together. I'll even throw in the tripod if purchase is local. (everything is still installed on the tripod, now on the ground)
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